Goals for this Site

My goals this blog are to develop a habbit of publishing writing and photographs. The key thing to both these activities is to practice regularly and to publish. This is my place to do that.

I used to have a job writing for a living. I was pretty good at it, and I was generally productive. I also enjoyed it. Now my job is coding, not writing. I always intended to keep writing stuff, but that hasn’t happened. This is an effort to publish a few times a week. I’m sure that in the beginning meeting that goal will mean publishing some mediocre to poor articles. For now, publishing a poor article is a minor improvement over publishing nothing.

Photography is similar to writing in that I always think I’m going to do a lot more than I actually do. My goal for photography to post a few pictures every week or two. These will be new pictures I’ve taken in the previous week, not a dive into my archive. This might include poor photographs taken in my back yard. Again, I consider this a minor improvement over publishing nothing.

For now at least, the goals are personal. I don’t have any goals of readership or income. I doubt I’ll every change that for this particular blog.

Version 0.1

In the world of semantic versioning, version 1.0.0 is the point where you’ve made a public commitment to a stable API. If links are the public API of a web site, this site is pre–1.0. Links may change and break as I put things together. But I wanted a place to post things, so I’m forging ahead.