Reports of Blogging’s Death

Jia Tolentino at the New Yorker laments that blogging is over:

Blogging, that much-maligned pastime, is gradually but surely disappearing from the Internet, and so, consequently, is a lot of online freedom and fun.

As evidence she cites the closing of

  • Grantland
  • Toast
  • Gawker
  • Gothamist
  • Awl & Hairpin

Those are her idea of blogs? If you had asked me for an example of a blog, none of those would have come up.

Now here is a list of honest to goodness blogs, curated by Julia Evans. Where did I find this list? At Scripting News, a blog.

Is Swift Easy?

Michael Tsai on Swift:

I like Swift. But, having programmed in probably more than a dozen languages, I would not classify Swift as easy to learn. It’s at the end with the harder ones like C++.

People see the var declarations and think, “Javascript!”. Type inference hides a lot of the complexity of the type system. So, yeah easy things are easy. But then you think to yourself that you want to create your own collection and you’re deep into the a generics system that you never realized was there.