Edgerouter X

In the fall of 2020 I got Google Fiber. For about $5 more than I was already paying to my local cable company, I got 5x the speed. I remain skeptical of Google as a company, and I hate trusting them with my privacy, but so far Google Fiber is a good deal. Even better, though, is the discovery of the Ubiquiti Edgerouter X.

Gigabit Ethernet made it necessary to upgrade my home router. So instead of a consumer-grade plastic box of all-in-one router/switch/access point, I went for a small-business solution of the Edgerouter X. It is purely a wired router, with gigabit internet and a four-port switch built in. I added wireless network by pairing it with a Unifi access point. The access point draws power from the Ethernet cable connected to the router. The router and access point together require one power outlet, just like an all-in-one router.

The Edgerouter X has a web-based configuration assistant that will properly set up the router for 90% of the home users. Some additional customization is available in the web admin, but really the best way to customize this router is by connecting with SSH and using the command line interface.

Having a separate access point and router is a bit like having separate stereo components, or a separate computer and monitor. The freedom to mix and match makes it easier to match your exact requirements, and it gives me an incremental upgrade path. I can upgrade them separately.

I am somewhat late to the Edgerouter X party. It’s been out for a few years, and the newer access points don’t support the power over ethernet (PoE) that the Edgerouter X provides. But for $140 for the pair, it a steal, and will probably power my house for another year or so, until the next upgrade appears.