Helping ISIS Recruiters

From a September, 2016 NY Times article on Anwar al-Awlaki, Al Qaeda recruiter:

Today, with the war between Muslims and the West escalating,” Anwar al-Awlaki said in the video, “you cannot count on the message of solidarity you may get from a civic group or a political party, or the word of support you hear from a kind neighbor or a nice co-worker. The West will eventually turn against its Muslim citizens.

It was an audacious pitch. No matter what you may think, the American-born Mr. Awlaki told Western Muslims, sooner or later your governments and fellow citizens will come after you. So you must join our violent cause.

Now, Donald Trump does his best to prove him right. I’m sure ISIS recruiters everywhere are celebrating. Luckily, it appears they are receiving substantial support from their fellow citizens.