New Theme, Take One

Well, here I am, with a new theme. I’m giving GeneratePress a whirl after discovering it on the WordPress subreddit. I want a pretty simple, text-heavy site. I don’t have a store, a shopping cart, or any heavy layout needs. My main interest is fonts and typography, and this gives me enough control. I can also tweak various layout elements as much as I need.

There’s a pretty capable free versions, I paid the $50 for the pro upgrade. That pricing is perfect: it makes me reasonably confident the theme will be supported and upgraded, but it’s cheap enough for a hobby site with no income.

If you looking for more like this, Astra is another one that came up, with a similar pricing structure. I don’t have a particularly good reason to choose GeneratePress over Astra. I think it was partly that the pricing and the product info gave me the impression their market is individual bloggers, whereas Astra is trying to address agencies and WordPress freelancers. Like I said, not a great reason, but they both looked good, and I need some basis to make a decision. Hopefully there is no Take Two sequel to this post, but if there is, it will probably be Astra.