Three Days, Three Rings

One thing I noticed during these coronavirus work-at-home days is how absolutely sedentary I am when working from home. I’ve worked from home in other jobs, but I really notice it now. My Apple Watch detects essentially zero exercise, and very little activity. At work, all the small trips to the water fountain, to the restroom, to the cafeteria, they all add up. They don’t close my rings, but they at least make it look like I did something besides sit on my butt all day. At home all of those little trips are about 20 feet away, max.

In the last few days I’ve been making an effort to get out and close my exercise ring. I no longer have a commute, so that gives me an extra 45 minutes to an hour I can devote to exercise. I’ve been getting my rings closed, and breaking free of the stay-at-home ennui.