TxDOT’s Plans on Interstate 35

Texas Department of Transportation Open House. Don’t forget to submit a comment.

Towers.net, Widening I-35 to 20 Lanes in Downtown Austin is the Anti-Project Connect:

More people than ever recognize you can’t build your way out of traffic, but the Texas Department of Transportation is planning to try just the same, and Austin will suffer for the next several decades if such a failure of imagination moves forward.

Reconnect Austin:

Reconnect Austin is a grassroots campaign to bury I-35 through Downtown Austin and reclaim this vital corridor as public space and developable land. Our vision is to create a new, humanized boulevard, reconnecting East Austin to Downtown, mitigating air and water pollution, and providing an economic boost in the form of new, centrally located housing and businesses.

Other cities to learn from:

Houston went all-in on the mega freeway expansion with the Katy Freeeway. The expansion made congestion worse.

Arch Daily writes 6 Cities That Have Transformed Their Highways Into Urban Parks.

World Atlas on The Story of the Embarcadero Freeway in San Francisco:

The replacement of the Embarcadero Freeway is considered a large success in the world of urban planning. The waterfront park has become extremely popular and has also received a significant level of private investment. The Embarcadero Boulevard which replaced Embarcadero Freeway carries almost half of the original freeway volume with the remaining traffic finding alternative routes or switching to other modes of transport. The changes also allowed more pedestrians to use the boulevard.

Pew Charitable Trust: More Cities Are Banishing Highways Underground — And Building Parks on Top